National Nurses & Hospital Week: Celebrating Health Care Workers Across New Hampshire

Every year during National Nurses Week, May 6th – May 12th, and National Hospital Week, May 8th – 14th, we couldn’t be prouder to recognize our nurses, hospitals, health systems and health care workers for their commitment and compassion they demonstrate in serving their patients and communities.


As frontline heroes, our health care workers demonstrate their unwavering dedication to protecting and improving the health and wellness of their patients and communities.  Their dedication, sacrifice and compassion to excellence are a direct testament of their commitment to the health and well-being of their communities, and we are grateful for the vital role they play in keeping New Hampshire healthy.


However, we’re reminded that they have been supporting New Hampshire residents through the COVID-19 pandemic for more than two years with strength and resilience against one of the most significant adversaries we’ve ever seen.  New Hampshire’s health care workers continue to battle COVID-19 on the front lines while providing the compassionate care that every patient needs.  They continue to demonstrate their steadfast courage and sacrifice that their communities deserve. And they continue to courageously exemplify the Blue and White H of health, healing and hope, and the promise it makes to its community every day, but especially during these unprecedented times.


This week and every week, we remain inspired by the bravery and perseverance that our healthcare heroes demonstrate every day and forever grateful for the compassion and dedication with which they serve their patients and communities. Together, they are healthcare.  Together, they are Granite Strong.

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