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In today’s political and health care environments, effective advocacy is critical to ensuring that hospitals and health systems have the resources they need to provide cost-effective, quality health care services for all New Hampshire residents. The New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA) is committed to being the leading resource on health care issues, representing the best interests of our member hospitals and health systems and the communities they serve.  NHHA represents the collective voice of the state’s 31 hospitals and health systems and advocates at the state and federal levels for policies that ensure viability, increase access, and improve quality.


Equally important to NHHA’s advocacy efforts with legislators and regulators is our engagement with hospital and health system leadership and staff. The most effective voice for hospitals and health systems are the 42,000 employees of our member hospitals. Together, we can ensure that New Hampshire hospitals and health systems have a voice in Concord and in Washington.


Below are priority health care issues for the New Hampshire Hospital Association and its member hospitals and health systems.