The New Hampshire Hospital Association is committed to providing resources and support to our hospitals as they operate in accordance with all state and federal regulations.   


Health care regulations are good for patients and hospitals.  Regulations improve access to care, patient safety, and protect patient privacy.  The core mission of New Hampshire hospitals is to provide high-quality health care to all patients in accordance with applicable regulations.  However, hospitals and health systems nationwide are continuously called upon to implement new or revised state and federal regulations, the burden of which is substantial. NHHA works closely with regulatory agencies, commissions, and other groups to advocate for a reasonable regulatory environment and the removal of unnecessary barriers to accessing care. 

There are 35 health professional boards in New Hampshire overseen by the NH Office of Professional Licensure and Certification.  These licensing boards, commissions, and councils oversee numerous aspects of health care delivery in the state, including professional licensing, practice oversight, and administrative rulemaking.  NHHA regularly engages with licensing boards such as the Board of Nursing, Board of Medicine, and Board of Pharmacy, among others, and advocates on behalf of hospitals for statutes and administrative rules that support the work they and their staff do, always with an eye to patient-centered care.