Spacelabs Healthcare

spacelabs healthcare

There’s never been more pressure on healthcare systems to do more, more efficiently, than right now.

Spacelabs offers comprehensive Patient Monitoring Solutions and Connectivity for hospitals focused on achieving value-based care.

Count on Spacelabs to help you accelerate care team performance through smarter operational strategies, more actionable informatics, and easier integration.

There’s a lot on the line—for you and the patients you serve—and getting it right is crucial to your long-term success.

The greatest advances in healthcare have taken place because somebody, somewhere was on a mission.

Ours began decades ago in the early days of the space program when our founders joined with NASA scientists to develop the first cardiac monitoring systems for astronauts.

Then as now, there are no limits to what people can achieve when they work together.

Sarah Bernardes, Account Sales Executive – New England, at [email protected], or visit to learn more.



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