AblePay is changing the financial landscape for hospitals and their patients — for the better! We are all aware of the negative impact that interest-bearing programs may have on patients, as evidenced by a recent Kaiser Family Foundation article. The AblePay program takes an entirely different approach to significantly increase your revenues while enhancing the experience and reducing the cost of healthcare for your patients.

Having years of experience on the provider side, AblePay Health’s leadership team witnessed first-hand the impact of higher deductible plans on patients’ finances. The result was higher collection costs, exaggerated receivable times, and lower revenue for health systems. AblePay simplifies the patient payment cycle, bridging the gap between providers and patients.

Using AblePay, you can expect the following:

  • Prompt payment in 14 days, with absolutely no recourse.
  • Patients save up to 13% or extend over time with savings or 0% interest.
  • No patient denied along with no credit checks or propensity to pay scores.
  • Easy implementation and integration; lower costs and better staff utilization.
  • No changes to your current internal processes and keep current vendors.
  • AblePay Health assumes all the financial risk for their members.

Since its inception in 2016, AblePay has assisted health systems and other providers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over the past 18 months, they have expanded to help providers in Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, California, Kentucky, Delaware, Florida, and Georgia.

To learn more, contact Ryan Werling, SVP Sales and Marketing at [email protected] or (703) 622-1826.