The Market Share and Patient Origin reports include the number and percent of discharges, days, and charges connected to inpatient data submitted by NH hospitals to NH Department of Health and Human Services through the NH Uniform Healthcare Facility Discharge Data Set (UHFDDS).



  • 2015 – Charge data is unavailable
  • 2016 – available with and without out-of-state data
  • 2020 & 2021 – available for inpatient and non-admission emergency department data
  • Outpatient data is not available for any year

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Beginning in 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services entered into a contract with the New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA). NHHA was responsible for the data collection, validation and aggregation, with the assistance of our sub-contractor, the Connecticut Hospital Association. In light of these changes, 2015 will be considered a baseline and building block for future analysis.

A quality check of the data, performed by the Department of Health and Human Services, revealed the following caveat which should be considered before conclusions are drawn from this report. Some hospitals experienced a billing/reporting system transition during 2015 data submission. For these hospitals, discharge volumes, especially for outpatients, may have inconsistence cross months or quarters.