U.S. Rep Bass Confers with Critical Access Hospital Administrators at NHHA

U.S. Rep Charlie Bass conferred with administrators from several of New Hampshire's Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) this week during a roundtable discussion at the New Hampshire Hospital Association in Concord.

In commenting on the meeting, NHHA President Steve Ahnen expressed his gratitude for the Congressman's willingness to "discuss our ongoing concerns for the impact that some of the deficit cutting proposals under consideration in Washington would have on the patients and communities they serve.

"We understand the difficult task that Congressional leaders have in front of them as they seek to promote economic growth and balance the federal budget," Ahnen said in a follow-up letter. "Doing so will require shared sacrifice on the part of all sectors, but it is important to understand that some proposals will have a disproportionate impact on rural hospitals, such as the 12 CAHs in your District. Proposals to limit reimbursement for CAHs or to eliminate that designation for some or all of them would be devastating for those communities. As these proposals continue to circulate in Washington, it is important that you point out to your colleagues that while the dollar estimates of some of those proposals may be small in comparison to other options that are being considered in other areas of the budget, they would potentially put access to care in rural communities in your District and across the country in jeopardy.

"Again, we thank you for your continued support and your willingness and that of your staff in Washington and here in New Hampshire to listen to our concerns. Your voice is important to ensure that the interests of New Hampshire's communities are brought to bear on these critical discussions in Washington."