Hospitals are challenged continually to improve quality and reduce costs as they deliver improved care to patients. At the same time, complex processes and equipment and supply issues can frustrate the efficient delivery of care. This essential program provides the healthcare professional with the knowledge and experience needed to effect positive change within their own organizations, teaching leaders, managers, and staff how to apply real process-improvement and problem-solving techniques in an actual hospital setting. During the current healthcare climate, Lean skills are needed now more than ever.

This intense eight-day virtual course provides participants with hands-on experience learning and applying both the technical science and social science of Lean. The technical science of Lean focuses on learning and applying Lean tools and techniques, while the social science aspect of it focuses on people and organizational development, both necessary for an effective Lean implementation.  This essential program was developed to provide the healthcare professional with the knowledge and experience needed to effect positive change within their own organizations. 



The program will be held virtually from 8:00am – 12:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 1, 2021 and ending on July 27, 2021.  The GEMBA activities will be conducted via breakout group activities until the opportunity presents itself to conduct the project work at participant hospital sites.

The cost for the Lean Healthcare Certificate is $1,900.00 for the 8-week course.



Week 1 – Tuesday 6/1 & Thursday 6/3  Introduction to Lean in Healthcare

Week 2 – Tuesday 6/8 & Thursday 6/10  Creating Stability

Week 3 – Tuesday 6/15 & Thursday 6/17  Improving Flow & Creating Pull

Week 4 – Tuesday 6/22 & Thursday 6/24  Standardized Work & Change Over Reduction

Week 5 – Tuesday 6/29 & Thursday 7/1  Quality Improvement: The Junction of Lean & Six Sigma

Week 6 – Tuesday 7/13 & Thursday 7/15  Value Stream Mapping

Week 7 – Tuesday 7/20 & Thursday 7/22  Individual & Team Based Improvement Strategies

Week 8 – Tuesday 7/27 & Thursday 7/29  Management Responsibility: Creating True North Momentum


After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of lean in Healthcare principles
  • Learn tools & techniques that can improve patient & staff satisfaction
  • Determine key improvement opportunities and how to apply the tools within their own facility



This course is a must for anyone in your hospital or healthcare organization who is seeking to apply lean thinking in their facility by implementing a Continuous Improvement (CI) program, new employees at a company already using lean principles who need to get up to speed, and professionals and staff looking for a comprehensive refresher.


Download the Lean in Healthcare Certificate Program Brochure & Registration Information


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