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The New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA) applauded the news that the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved the State’s 1115 Transformation Waiver to transform the behavioral health delivery systems in New Hampshire and shore up an underfunded program.  NHHA President Steve Ahnen noted that, “This is a terrific step in helping to address the ongoing mental health strain and substance abuse crisis we currently face as residents, family members, employers, and community leaders.”

“By helping to create integrated delivery networks, this Transformation Waiver provides New Hampshire the opportunity to strengthen our behavioral health system by integrating mental health and substance abuse treatment with primary care.  Increasing provider capacity and access to behavioral health services allows our healthcare providers to better address mental health and substance abuse disorder needs and meet the growing demand for services.  By strengthening services through the delivery of integrated care that transitions the patient from treatment to recovery and beyond, we better support those who are facing mental health and substance abuse challenges.”

“We commend the Governor, Commissioner and his staff, as well as members of the Legislature, for their commitment to combat the substance abuse crisis.  We look forward to working with the Governor and DHHS to identify opportunities that provide for the development of integrated delivery networks, and supporting our healthcare providers, and our communities, as we face these challenges together.”


Steve Ahnen is the president of the New Hampshire Hospital Association