The NH Board of Medicine (BoM) met yesterday afternoon to formally consider the draft emergency rules put forward by the NH Attorney General’s office and the Governor’s Office.  While the BoM decided not to adopt the version put forward by the NH Attorney General's and Govnernor's Office, they crafted emergency rules that cover the following:

  • - Use of  informed consent form for chronic pain patients
  • - Use of a risk assessment tool for chronic pain patients
  • - Use of a pain contract and toxicology screening for chronic pain patients
  • - Sharing information with patients with acute pain about using opioids including the dangers of opioids and how to dispose of unused meds

The emergency rules will go into effect tomorrow, Friday, November 6, 2015 and will remain in effect for 180 days or until new rules are promulgated.   To be noted is that these rules are in effect for any licensee of the BoM. Other prescribers governed by other licensing boards (Nursing, Dental, Veterinarian) are not covered under this rules at this time, but they should review them.

The emergency rules can be found here:

The NH BoM also issued a press release last night that describes the rules and the process they plan to undertake to develop a new set of rules through the regular rule-making process that will include public input:

The New Hampshire Hospital Association thanks the BoM for carefully listening to the feedback they received over the past few weeks regarding the original emergency rules under consideration and to thoughtfully address immediate opportunities for supporting patients with acute and chronic pain.  NHHA has already offered its support the BoM through participation in a work group being established to write the new administrative rules.

In addition, the Governor announced yesterday that the Legislature will be called in for a special session starting on November 18th to deal with several issues pertaining to substance misuse.