By Daymond Steer
Conway Daily Sun
CONWAY – A Bartlett man is facing several charges after allegedly putting a Bartlett police officer in a headlock and allegedly trying to take the officer's gun during a violent altercation at Memorial Hospital.

Josef Filip Polivka, 25, of Bartlett, was charged with taking a firearm from an officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest or detention and simple assault for an alleged incident on Saturday. This incident ended without shots being fired.

Conway police Lt. George Walker is thankful the situation didn't escalate to the point where deadly force was used. Walker said the situation could have been far more dangerous.

"An officer being placed in a headlock by someone who is in custody is a very, very serious situation," said Walker who went on to describe a hypothetical scenario where an officer gets choked, passes out and the suspect gains access to everything on the officer's belt. "Let's take it to the furthest extreme, he takes a firearm out, shoots the officer and now has free rein in the emergency room of a probably packed hospital. We obviously run the risk of other people being injured or killed."

Walker said in his scenario things could even get worse than that. Other officers would be called to the scene and a hostage situation could occur.

Trying to take an officer's gun is a class-B felony crime in itself, said Walker.

Walker said he thinks this incident showed good cooperation between Bartlett and Conway police.

The story unfolded on Saturday night around 10:40 p.m. Bartlett police officer Ian MacMillan brought Polivka to Memorial Hospital for an evaluation for an involuntary emergency admission to the New Hampshire Hospital. Conway police responded to Memorial because Polivka was allegedly out of control.

Conway Police Sgt. Michael Boucher wrote up the details of the incident in an affidavit which was entered into Conway's Circuit Court. Boucher wrote the affidavit based on information Conway Police Officer Jonathan Hill provided.

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