Monitor staff

A second New Hampshire death has been linked to Eastern Equine Encephalitis, the Department of Health and Human Services announced yesterday.

The department said an adult who lived in Manchester died in September, and recent test results confirmed that the person had EEE.

So far, the state says three human cases of EEE have been reported this year, while the virus has been found in two animals and 18 mosquito batches.

Health officials advised protecting against EEE and West Nile Virus, also transmitted through mosquitoes, by using insect repellant, making sure doors and windows are well-sealed, avoiding standing water where the insects might congregate, and avoiding excessive activity at dawn or dusk when the insects are most active.

Beth Daly, the state’s chief of infectious disease surveillance, said the virus can resemble the flu but often does not include respiratory symptoms. It can also include chills, muscle aches, body aches, drowsiness and potentially “altered mental status,” Daly said.

If you are having these or other flu-like symptoms, Daly and other officials said you should contact a medical provider immediately.