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FHC logoThe Foundation for Healthy Communities is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to improve health and health care delivery in New Hampshire. Founded in 1995 by the New Hampshire Hospital Association, in partnership with the state’s hospitals, health plans, clinicians, home care agencies and public policy leaders, the Foundation has become a leader in quality and patient safety initiatives, healthcare delivery improvements, access to care, preventive care and promoting community health.

The Foundations primary objectives are:

  1. To collect, analyze, and evaluate data about health and about the delivery, quality, management and organization of health services

  2. To promote, sponsor and conduct applied research and scientific investigation relative to quality, health delivery process improvement and health policy; and

  3. To communicate information, sponsor education and training, and facilitate innovation and access for the improvement of health and the creation of healthy communities.

In addressing New Hampshire’s ever-changing health care needs, the Foundation’s projects are always evolving. You’ll find up-to-date information on Foundation initiatives, partnerships, research, downloads of publications, and links to helpful health care resources by visiting www.healthyNH.com.

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Chair: Don Caruso, MD, President & CEO, Cheshire Medical Center 

Vice Chair: Kevin Donovan, FACHE, President & CEO, LRGHealthcare

Secretary/Treasurer:  Dean Carucci, Chief Executive Officer, Portsmouth Regional Hospital

Immediate Past Chair: Robert Steigmeyer, President & CEO, Concord Hospital

President: Stephen Ahnen, ex officio

AHA RPB Delegate: Greg Baxter, MD, President, Elliot Health System



John Jurczyk, FACHE, President & CEO
St. Joseph Hospital

Michael Lee, President
Weeks Medical Center

Art Mathisen, FACHE, President
Memorial Hospital

Neil Meehan, DO, Chief Physician Executive
Exeter Health Resources

Robert Nutter, President
Littleton Regional Healthcare

Michael Peterson, FACHE, President & CEO
Androscoggin Valley Hospital

John Prochilo, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer
Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital

Jeremy Roberge, CPA, President & CEO
Huggins Hospital

Susan Reeves, EdD, RN, Chief Nursing Executive
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

Maria Ryan, PhD, APRN, President & CEO
Cottage Hospital


The Hospital Association is a non-profit trade association, organized for the benefit of its members and the people of New Hampshire.  Advocacy is the Association’s top priority.  The Association serves as a resource for helping administrators, trustees, physicians, nurses, volunteers and others working in hospitals and other healthcare organizations to pursue common goals and meet common needs.  The Association works to preserve regulatory and business climates that support both the clinical and economic performance of healthcare organizations, expand access to coverage and care, enhance the future viability of essential community providers, and improve public confidence in hospitals and healthcare statewide.

Election of Members and Terms of Office

A board of trustees elected by the membership governs the Association.  The board includes 16 members.  Board members are elected by the membership at the Association’s Annual Meeting, generally held in September of each year.   There are no designated seats or other special eligibility criteria for election to the board, except that the president of the Association serves ex officio with vote as a member of the board.  Board members are generally elected for a two-year term.  Members may be reelected for additional consecutive terms for a total of up to six consecutive years of service. 

Election of Officers and Terms of Office

The membership at the Annual Meeting also elects a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-treasurer.  Officers are elected for a one-year term.  An Executive Committee consisting of the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary-treasurer, immediate past chairman, AHA RPB delegate and the president can act on behalf of the board between regularly scheduled board meetings.  Service as chairman or immediate past chairman is not counted toward the six consecutive years of service term limit.


Board members are responsible for attending Board meetings regularly and participating in providing the policy guidance that the Association needs.  Board members support the work of the Association by accepting special assignments such as serving on Board committees or ad hoc committees at the request of the chairman.  Board members also serve by accepting the special responsibility of providing leadership as an officer of the Association.  Board members also help set the strategic direction for the Association, help monitor and evaluate performance, and help serve as liaisons for the membership.  Overall, board members keep the Association financially sound and well managed so that it can continue to be an effective advocate for health and hospitals in New Hampshire now and in the future.

Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses

Service as a member of the Board is volunteer service for which there is no compensation. Generally members incur little or no expense in serving as a member of the Board. However, Board members are not expected to incur personal out-of-pocket expense in carrying out their duties as a board member.  In such cases a Board member can apply for reasonable reimbursement of direct, personal expense incurred.




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