Friday, October 24 is Food Day, a national event designed to promote a more healthy and sustainable food system. Three hundred and fifty-two healthcare facilities nationwide are joining Health Care Without Harm in celebrating this event by serving meat raised without antibiotics.  This translates to an estimated 126,600 anti-biotic free meals.

The figures for New England break down as such:

  • Facilities: 57
  • Spend: $18,676.53
  • Pounds: 3,717 of beef, chicken, pork, other
  • Estimated meals: 14,868
  • Projected over a year: 5.4 million meals, $6.8 million in spending

Of the 57 New England facilities, nine New Hampshire hospitals will be celebrating Food Day, including:

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

Cottage Hospital

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Exeter Hospital

Huggins Hospital

LRGHealthcare – Franklin Regional Hospital

LRGHealthcare – Lakes Region General Hospital

Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

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