The following data files regarding New Hampshire health systems are available for both hospital and public use. 


2017 Health Systems Snapshot

Annually, NHHA provides a report of the Acute Health Systems in New Hampshire. This report contains:

  • demographic information
  • contact information
  • number of employees
  • number of licensed beds
  • operating margin by Health System

This PDF document contains a five-year trend in Operating Margins for each NHHA member Health System.* Utilize the color-coded table to see at a glance how each Health System is performing.

  • Red = negative margin
  • Yellow = margin between 0-4.9%
  • Green = margin 5% or greater.
*Please note: beginning in 2013 Bad Debt has been treated as a deduction from Revenue. Prior to 2013 Bad Debt was treated as an expense. This will affect reported Operating Margins.
Data Sources 
Number of Employees: American Hospital Association
Number of Licensed Beds: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Operating Margins: New Hampshire Hospital Association


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