2014 Health Systems Snapshot: Annually, NHHA provides a report of the Acute Health Systems in New Hampshire. This report contains hospital demographic and contact information as well as provides the number of employees, number of licensed beds and operating margin by Health System. 

Operating Margins: PDF document, which contains a five year trend in Operating Margins for each NHHA member Health System. Utilize the color coded table to see at a glance how each Health System is performing with regard to annual Operating Margin. Red indicates a negative margin, while yellow shows a margin between 0-4.9%. Lastly, green reflects a margin of 5% or greater.
Please note: beginning in 2013 Bad Debt has been treated as a deduction from Revenue. Prior to 2013 Bad Debt was treated as an expense. This will affect reported Operating Margins.
Data Sources
Number of Employees: American Hospital Association
Number of Licensed Beds: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Operating Margins: New Hampshire Hospital Association


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