Welcome to the DATABANK on-line data collection system!

The DATABANK Program was designed exclusively for hospitals. The New Hampshire Hospital Association offers access to the DATABANK Program for its acute care member hospitals use only. To log on, go to: http://www.databank.org

For many years, hospitals required the need for data, but they lacked financial and statistical information to tell others about those issues or to know how their hospital compared to other hospitals. In response to those considerations, the Colorado Health and Hospital Association (CHA) developed the DATABANK Program in 1985 to collect financial and utilization data throughout the state. Major guiding principles of the DATABANK Program include timeliness, accuracy, completeness, simplicity and uniformity.

The New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA) had been using its own home grown data collection program (known as the Monthly Information Report) for financial and utilization data since the late 1970s. NHHA decided to move to the Colorado program in 1998 since CHA was able to offer national comparative statistics. 


Income Statement Manual

Balance Sheet Manual


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