Memorial Hospital
Memorial Hospital
3073 White Mountain Highway
No. Conway, NH 03860

(603) 356-5461
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Art Mathisen head shot

Art Mathisen

Title Extension Name
President 2110 Art Mathisen
Executive Assistant 2111 Becky Adams
Chief Medical Officer / Chief Medical Information Officer 2779 Matthew Dunn, DO
Chief Nursing Officer 2189 Kris Dascoulias, RN
Regional Chief Information Officer 2411 Curtis Kerbs
Senior Director, Finance 2537 Diana McLaughlin
Senior Director, Practice Operations 2263 David Selby
Director, Communications & Public Affairs 2198 Tim Kershner
Clinical Manager, Emergency Department 2271 Erika Roy
Director, Human Resources 2104 Sue Eminster
Director, Imaging Services 2138 Sherry Cormier
Director, Laboratory 2164 Angie VonBecker
Director, Outpatient Specialty Practices 3402 Lawrence Carbonaro
Director, Pharmacy 2150 Zach Deabay
Director, Population Health 2194 Sue Ruka
Director, HIS/Medical Records 2310 James Caplinger
Director of Nursing, Merriman House/ICF 2215 Katie Graziano
Clinical Manager, Family Birthing Center/Obstetrics 2234 Leigh Copsey
Clinical Manager, Surgical Services 2311 Heather Kennedy
Clinical Manager, Med/Surg & ICU 2280 Shauna Ross
Clinical Supervisor, Cardiopulmonary (Interim) 2259 Eirka Roy
Clinical Supervisor, Rehab Services 2344 Michelle Mattei
Supervisor, Environmental Services 2206 Lori Farrington
Manager, Facilites & Security 2122 Joe Bubar
Manager, Materials Management 2174 Becky Hall
Manager, Nutrition Services 2357 James Hilliard
Coordinator, Heart Health & Wellness Services 2180 Marta Ramsay
Coordinator, Infection Prevention  2288 Andrea Murphy
Coordinator, Volunteer Services 2291 Peter Waugh
Practice Manager, Primary Care & Diabetes 3313 Lucy Williams
Accounting Manager 2145 John Christiansen
Nutritionists 2131 Alicia Mudgett & Brenda McKay
Patient Advocate 2520 Karen Greenlaw
Medical Staff President   Mary Vigeant, APRN
Board of Trustees Chair   Mary DeVeau