National Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 13th – March 19th, is an opportunity to celebrate the current efforts being undertaken at all New Hampshire hospitals to ensure that the safety of each patient is at the heart of the care they deliver every day.

New Hampshire hospitals have been leading the nation in providing high quality, evidence‐based care, enhancing a culture of patient safety, and reducing or eliminating adverse drug events and healthcare associated infections. Specific efforts toward patient safety and health care improvement across the state’s hospitals continue in many areas, and focus on enhancing patient and family engagement, as well as care coordination among hospitals, long term care facilities, home care agencies and other healthcare providers to reduce preventable readmissions.

Working with the Foundation for Healthy Communities, our hospitals continue their quality and patient safety improvement efforts through the Partnership for Patients, Hospital Engagement Network 2.0, a federal quality initiative aimed at reducing patient harm and increasing quality of care.  We’re extremely proud that all 26 hospitals committed to continue their focus on preventing readmissions and adverse events causing patient harm, and we’re the only state in the country affiliated with the AHA HRET that has 100% of its acute care hospitals participating in this important work.   As a result of their efforts in the previous Partnership for Patients initiative,  New Hampshire hospitals improved care, reduced harm by preventing nearly 5,000 adverse events, and achieved over $40M in healthcare cost savings from 2011 – 2014. 

New Hampshire took a leading role in HRET’s Safety Program for Long-Term Care, the first of five states to pilot a national effort to improve the patient safety culture and quality standards in long-term care facilities by preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) and other Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

New Hampshire hospitals remain committed to delivering the highest quality of care, improving patient safety, and enhancing patient engagement and care coordination.  This is what makes New Hampshire hospitals places of health, healing and hope for every patient, every family, and every community.  As their work continues, we remain inspired by the compassionate care they deliver every day.


Steve Ahnen

President, New Hampshire Hospital Association