2019 New Hampshire Legislation New State Laws Affecting Hospitals
The 2018/2019 legislative session ended on June 27, 2019 with many bills being passed into law; below you'll find a list of the bills that affect hospitals and health systems. The Governor has now acted on all the bills affecting hospitals, so this list has been updated.  
The SFY 20/21 State Budget was one of our highest priorities this year. The budget, unfortunately, was vetoed by the Governor at the end of June 2019. Due to the veto, a 90 day Continuing Resolution (CR) was passed which will be in effect until the end of September. While discussions are ongoing, the budget conferees and the Governor's office remain at an impasse to date.
There are many provisions in the budget that NHHA supports, including the funding to move the children's services out of New Hampshire Hospital to a separate hospital, funding for the construction of a dedicated forensic hospital and rate increases for all Medicaid providers. In addition, the budget addresses our concern regarding the creation of a dedicated fund related to the proceeds for the Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs, as well as removing the repeal of the Graduate, Indirect Graduate Medical Education and Catastrophic Aid to Hospitals provisions. While no money was appropriated to these last three provisions, they remain as part of the DHHS budget, which allows for potential funding in the future.
A priority focus for the NHHA this session was to ensure that the settlement agreement signed in 2018 regarding the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments owed to hospitals is properly funded, which to date, has been appropriately maintained in the budget. 
Our other major priority has been to ensure that the behavioral health crisis continues to be addressed by implementation of meaningful reforms to support increased inpatient capacity at New Hampshire Hospital, adequate reimbursement for designated receiving facilities (DRFs), funds to renovate DRFs and reimbursement for emergency room boarding.  Many components of the 10-Year Mental Health Plan were addressed this session by passing individual bills that focused on specific recommendations in the plan, while other recommendations were incorporated into the budget.  
Additionally, reimbursement statutes were modified, among many other provisions, to ensure that hospitals are able to provide the patient care and access to services that are most needed. One such bill, SB 11, was signed into law by the Governor in May and efforts are underway to ensure compliance with all provisions of the law.

All of the bills that NHHA is following can be found on our web site here.


To download a list of bills affecting hospitals, the RSAs and the effective date, please click here.


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