In March of 2020, COVID-19 arrived in New Hampshire and immediately impacted our member hospitals and health systems, our public health system as well as the Association.  It also reminded the public just how essential hospitals and health systems are to their communities, demonstrated by the continued support and appreciation for the health care heroes on the front lines.  


The New Hampshire Hospital Association serves as a touchpoint to organize member hospitals around priority issues and shared concerns, compiling and sharing data and information that helps hospital and state leaders respond to the pandemic, and to help policymakers and the public understand the significant challenges facing hospitals and what is needed to support the continued response and recovery of hospitals and health systems across the state.

NHHA plays a critical role in collaborating with the Granite State Health Care Coalition (GSHCC), an initiative of the Foundation for Healthy Communities that serves as the regional health care emergency response coalition in the state, in their efforts to support the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaboration has supported member hospitals and partners across the care continuum to address issues of patient surges, testing and vaccination capacity, and continuity of health care service delivery through the state’s COVID-19 response.


As hospitals and health systems remain on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, NHHA has continued to advocate for the financial and regulatory relief needed for member hospitals to have the resources they need to care for their communities today and into the future.  We remain deeply committed to collaborating with the American Hospital Association and our congressional delegation to address the unprecedented challenges presented by the public health crisis.

Situational Awareness Reporting and Resources

Starting on April 20th, NHHA will publish weekly Hospital Situational Awareness reports every Thursday. Friday April 14th, 2023 was the last NHHA Daily COVID-19 report.

Below are some links to additional resources from NH Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Diseases Control & Prevention.