Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital


Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
10 Alice Peck Day Drive

Lebanon, NH  03756

(603) 448-3121
FAX: (603) 448-7444


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Susan E. Mooney, MD, MS, FACHE
President & CEO

  Title Extension Name
  President & CEO 442-5672 Susan E. Mooney, MD, MS, FACHE
  Chief Financial Officer 448-7453 Todd Roberts
  Chief Medical Officer 442-5940 Michael T. Lynch, MD
  Chief Nursing Officer / Chief Operating Officer & Vice President, Nursing 448-7439 Jean Ten Haken, RN
  Associatie Chief Nursing Officer 448-5679  Anne Tyrol, RN, CEN, CPEN
  Administrator, Harvest Hill 448-7474 Amy Thornton, RN
  Administrator, The Woodlands at Harvest Hill & Interim Executive Director, APD Lifecare 448-7416 Joseph Zanthopoulos
  Vice President, External Affairs 448-7429 Peter Glenshaw
  Associate Vice President, Information Services 448-7435 Kristen Kneisel
  Associate Vice President, Quality 442-5974 Falguni Mehta
  Controller, Director Fiscal Services 442-5997 Todd Roberts
  Medical Director, Informatics 448-7421 Sheila Feyrer, MD
  Infection Preventionist 442-5639 Mary Curtin Pierce, RN
  Director, Ancillary Services 448-7468 Eric Medved, MS, PT
  Director, Community Health 443-9548 Nancy DuMont
  Director, Corporate Compliance, Risk Management, Health Information Management 443-9533 Cindy Casale
  Director, Human Resources 448-7484 Brian Nolan
  Director, Material Management 448-7422 Nick Metcalf
  Director, Plant Operations 443-9592 Shawn Courtemanche
  Manager, Dining Services 448-3121 Colby Smith
  Manager, Emergency Department 448-7408  Justin Harris, RN
  Manager, Executive Office 448-7425 Jodi Hoyt
  Manager, Medical Surgical Nursing 448-7463 Jillian Colburn, RN
  Manager, Pharmacy 448-7405 Judson Gilbert, PharmD
  Manager, Sleep Health & Cardiopulmonary 443-9541
John Ennis, RT
  PACS Administrator 448-7450 John Rousseau
  Practice Director, Primary Care 448-7487 Lauren Senn
  Chair, Board of Trustees   Greg Lange