Steve Ahnen, President, New Hampshire Hospital Association, released the following statement relative to today’s Executive Council vote on contracts that will support our state’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts and will support hospitals that are facing a current significant surge in hospitalizations. 


We were pleased to see the contracts approved by the Executive Council earlier today that support our state’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts, especially those designed to support hospitals that are facing the most significant surge of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic. These contracts will help increase access to care for patients needing hospitalization by opening up capacity in long-term care and other post-acute care settings. As new COVID-19 cases and all types of hospitalizations continue their exponential rise, these contracts will help support our hospitals as they strive to care for their patients and communities. All of our healthcare workers deserve our gratitude and support and these additional resources will go a long way to making important resources available to them.

But it is also important that each one of us continues to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by doing all of the things we know can make a difference: get a vaccine to protect yourself, your family and your community; wear a mask when in public places, especially when indoors; wash your hands frequently; stay home if you’re not feeling well; and get a test if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Following these proven, evidence-based prevention strategies can make a difference.


New Hampshire Hospital Association Steve Ahnen released the below statement in response to the approval of accepting federal vaccine funds:


The New Hampshire Hospital Association is pleased that the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee voted to accept the federal vaccine funding that is critical to helping our state and public health partners, as well as everyone on the front lines, respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  As we continue to see a significant surge in new cases and more than 330 Granite State residents currently hospitalized with COVID-19, these resources are essential to our collective response efforts.


Today, November 18th, the New Hampshire Hospital Association and Foundation for Healthy Communities are proud to join the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH), as well as other state and national rural stakeholders, in celebrating the #PowerOfRural on National Rural Health Day.


National Rural Health Day was created to recognize those who serve the vital health needs of nearly 60 million people residing in America’s rural communities, and the importance of rural healthcare providers who tirelessly work to address the barriers patients face in accessing healthcare when they need it. And since the first COVID-19 case arrived in New Hampshire on March 2, 2020, our rural hospitals and frontline workers have responded with strength and resilience to the COVID-19 crisis on behalf of their patients and communities and do so today as the pandemic continues.


New Hampshire’s rural hospitals support their communities by delivering high quality healthcare in very rural, underserved areas of the state, but beyond the issue of care, rural hospitals also serve as economic engines for the communities they serve, often existing as the largest employers in their communities for generations of families.


Today and every day, they exemplify the Blue and White H of health, healing and hope, and the promise it makes to its community during these challenging times. We extend our deepest appreciation to our rural health providers for their dedication and commitment to ensuring their communities have access to healthcare, and the compassion with which they deliver excellence in rural health settings to every patient, every day.








For most Americans, September 11 is a moment in history when the world as we knew it changed forever. It is fitting that every year on September 11, Americans join together to honor the memory of the more than 3,000 people who died that day. Although 20 years have passed, most of us can remember the exact moment when we heard the tragic news.  More importantly, we remember how we responded.


On September 11, 2001, we were united as one and remember how ordinary people reacted with extraordinary heroism, when without notice, they were put up against a common threat to our country.  Ordinary Americans chose duty in the face of death and continued to help even as the buildings were collapsing around them.  Friends and colleagues overcame the sense of danger as the New York City firefighters and NYPD searched tirelessly for their own.  People sacrificed their lives for the good of strangers, as the passengers on Flight 93 refused to allow the hijackers to succeed.


Today is a continuation of that healing process that began for all of us on September 12th.  Our continued work in healthcare helps honor those who were injured and remember those who lost their lives.  We cannot bring back the lives lost that day or undo the detrimental impacts still felt by many, but we can honor them by remembering that even on our darkest day we are always stronger together.


As healthcare workers, we understand the consequences of traumatic life events and know that healing takes longer as a result of events that are beyond our control.  Now, 20 years after the devastating September 11th attacks, we continue to honor those lost and celebrate our colleagues who are first responders and served in the military.  Because of their selfless sacrifice, we will forever remain inspired by their courage, strength, and commitment to service.



Hospitals & Health Systems to Adopt COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Healthcare Workers

The health and safety of patients is at the core of the mission of New Hampshire hospitals and at the forefront of all that they do, and for that reason, the New Hampshire Hospital Association supports the adoption of mandated COVID-19 vaccine policies for employees at New Hampshire’s hospitals and health systems.


Hospital and health system employee vaccinations against COVID-19 are critical to ensuring safe environments of care for all patients by protecting them from infection, and to mitigating the spread of the virus within healthcare facilities.  The scientific evidence behind vaccines has clearly demonstrated that they are safe, highly effective and reduce both transmission and harm, and hospitals already require vaccinations for other highly communicable diseases as an infection control measure. 


“Many regional and national organizations representing medical professionals have recently stated their support for mandated COVID-19 vaccines for healthcare workers to control the spread of this deadly disease, especially within healthcare facilities,” stated Steve Ahnen, president of the New Hampshire Hospital Association. “This is absolutely something we support in an effort to protect both our patients and our employees from COVID-19.”


New Hampshire’s hospitals and their health care heroes have seen first-hand the devastating impact of COVID-19 on their patients, but also on their staff.  Prior to the availability of vaccines and when community transmission was increasing rapidly, hospital staff that became impacted through exposure or infection were unable to work, causing incredible stress on the ability of hospitals to staff and care for all of their patients. 


“The COVID-19 vaccine prevents people from becoming seriously ill, requiring hospitalization, or dying from the virus,” stated Don Caruso, MD, President & CEO of Cheshire Medical Center and the current Chair of the New Hampshire Hospital Association Board of Trustees.  “As public health leaders, our mission is to protect the lives and well-being of both our patients and our staff, and the COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective way we can do that.”


A recent study in New Hampshire conducted by the Josiah Bartlett Center using state data reinforced that vaccinated patients are less likely to fall severely ill and require hospitalization.  Since the beginning of February, according to state data, unvaccinated individuals have accounted for 99% of New Hampshire’s COVID-19 cases and 98% of deaths.


“Our actions are critical to stopping the spread of COVID-19, and we must all remain vigilant and continue taking steps to mitigate the spread of the virus, and most importantly, that means to get vaccinated.” stated Steve Ahnen. zyban



New Hampshire Hospital Association Consensus Statement on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine


The New Hampshire Hospital Association supports that every NH hospital and health system adopt a policy endorsing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for all hospital and health system employees and clinical staff, with appropriate exemptions.


This recognizes the critical role that NH hospitals have served in public health leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is consistent with our commitment to optimize the safety of care for our patients and to protect the lives and well-being of our health care workers.


Hospitals & Health Systems Continuing to Require Masks for Visitors & Staff as Required by Federal Regulations


While the number of New Hampshire residents who are vaccinated against COVID-19 continues to rise and active cases continues to fall, we still need to remain vigilant in protecting our most vulnerable patients who are in hospitals getting treated for their illness by wearing masks at all times when in those healthcare facilities.


Federal regulatory requirements from both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) state that healthcare settings must require masks be worn by both visitors and staff so that they can ensure the safety of their patients, employees and visitors.  Hospitals and health systems across the state are following these necessary protocols as required as part of their prevention efforts to mitigate any exposure to COVID-19.


“Our actions are critical to stopping the spread of COVID-19, and we must all remain vigilant and continue taking steps to mitigate the spread of the virus,” stated Steve Ahnen, president of the New Hampshire Hospital Association. “If you have loved ones that you are visiting in a healthcare setting, or if you need to seek care yourself, hospitals and health systems across the state will continue to ensure the safest environment possible for patients, visitors, and staff by requiring masks.”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have continued to highlight the efficacy of wearing masks in slowing the community transmission of COVID-19, in conjunction with other prevention measures that we have been following, such as avoiding large crowds, staying 6 feet apart from anyone outside your household, practicing frequent handwashing and getting the COVID-19 vaccine.  We know these measures are proven to reduce the risk of community transmission and encourage all to continue following these protocols.


Wearing masks is one of the most effective tools in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and the federal regulations requiring them within healthcare settings ensures that the safety of both patients and visitors remains the top priority. All punching bags aren’t same or well-suited to everyone’s requirements. And you don’t want to randomly pick the first punching bag? Boxing is a great and energy-intensive sport that is enjoyed the world over. The key to enjoying and playing boxing is, however, the purchase of the gloves. There are plenty of these gloves, and it becomes increasingly challenging to choose the best one with the introduction of new brands and models - shop best Boxing Gear and Equipment at Sportegan - top list of Boxing, MMA, Sparring and Training gloves of 2019. We revised our list to ensure that we are providing the Best Professional Collection. 


“We all want to get back to doing the things we‘ve missed out on over the past year, but we need to continue to protect and provide the safest care possible to those we love, so please follow the directions given to you when you enter any hospital or healthcare setting, which will include mask wearing” said Ahnen.





NHHA FHC Annual Meeting Registration is Open FINAL




The agenda for the 2021 Annual Meeting can be downloaded here. We are excited about the variety of sessions planned, including COVID-19 & Lessons Learned, Resiliency & Leadership, and an ACHE panel on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Healthcare.  

Registration Information

Registration is open for the 2021 NHHA & FHC Annual Meeting.  Register Here:   2021 Annual Meeting Registration


NHHA & FHC Annual Awards of Excellence

The call for nominations for the NHHA & FHC Annual Awards of Excellence is now open!  You can download the forms in two different formats for your convenience, and the deadline for submitting awards is Friday, September 17, 2021:


New Hampshire Hospital Association Awards


Foundation for Healthy Communities Awards


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FHC Awards (ppt)


Hotel Reservations

Once you have registered for the Annual Meeting, your confirmation email will have the link you need to make your hotel reservations.  If reserving rooms to accommodate staff yet to be determined, please note that any hotel room must have a name attached to it by Friday, September 17th or it will be released back to the general NHHA / FHC Annual Meeting Room Block.


Hotel Cancellations

If you need to cancel a room reservation for one of your staff members, please call us so we can keep your cancelled room within the Annual Meeting Room Block so that we can apply it to those on the waitlist.  There’s a waitlist every year so if you work through us to cancel a room it’ll be extremely helpful for others looking for a room!


Sponsorships Available

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors to date!  We would never be able to run such an event without the generous support of our sponsors and corporate members.  Sponsorship information is going out this week so stay tuned or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested in signing up to sponsor the 2021 Annual Meeting!


NHHA FHC 2021 Annual Meeting Sponsors 09142021



NE State Hospital Association Logos


State Hospital Associations Highlight Need for Blood Donations


Hospitals and health systems across New England are facing a critical shortage of all blood types and are seeking volunteer donors and host sites.  Every donation helps save a life and is essential to ensuring community health.  Donating blood takes only about an hour of your time but to someone who needs blood, it gives them the gift of time by saving their life through your donation. 


Transfusions made possible by blood donations are a critical aspect of the lifesaving care that hospitals and health systems provide every day.  Blood donations save millions of lives and ensure that hospitals can provide the level of care their patients and communities depend on when they need it most.  The need for blood is universal, but access to blood for all those who need it is not.


“We are experiencing such significant blood shortages that many of our hospitals are down to critical levels,” said Steve Ahnen, president of the New Hampshire Hospital Association.  “We continue to collaborate with our American Red Cross partners and encourage every Granite Stater who is able to donate blood to do so soon so that we can increase blood supplies across the state.”


“Summertime is the most challenging time for the blood supply in a normal year,” said Steven Michaud, president of the Maine Hospital Association.  “This past year has been anything but normal and it has added even more strain on an already scarce resource.  We plead with everyone to give as soon as they are able and save a life.” 


“People in communities across Massachusetts continue to ask what they can do to support our healthcare providers as they recover from the pandemic. Right now, the answer is simply to donate blood,” said Steve Walsh, president and CEO of the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association. “Giving blood is a simple but powerful way to help your local healthcare organizations continue serving every patient in need.”


“Vermonters step up to meet every challenge we face, especially during the pandemic and I know this will be no different,” said Devon Green, Vice President of Government Relations at the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems. “The need for life-saving blood knows no geographical border and we must work together to meet this critical need. If you are able, please give blood as soon as you can.”


By donating blood, you could be the difference in life-saving treatment so please be a patient’s hero and schedule an appointment to donate blood today at  To learn more about ways to donate blood and host blood drives, visit the American Red Cross of Northern New England online at or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.


Save a life and donate blood today.



New Hampshire is facing a critical shortage of all blood types and is seeking volunteer donors and host sites.  Every donation helps save a life and is essential to ensuring community health.  Donating blood takes only about an hour of your time but to someone who needs blood, it gives them the gift of time by saving their life through your donation. 


If you donate blood you can help be the difference in life-saving treatment so please be a patient’s hero and schedule an appointment to donate blood today.  You can learn more about ways to donate blood and host blood drives by visiting the American Red Cross of Northern New England online at or by calling them at (603) 225-6697.  Save a life and donate blood today.





The emergency department (ED) boarding crisis is one that has plagued the state and our most vulnerable citizens for far too long.  It is a symptom of a much broader problem of not having adequate capacity across our entire mental health care system--from outpatient services, crisis services, acute inpatient services, transitional housing and other community support services that support patients no longer in crisis.  

This week’s ruling by the New Hampshire Supreme Court has made it very clear that this problem must be resolved now.  All parties should see this as an opportunity to sit at the table together and formulate both short and long-term solutions so that patients suffering an acute psychiatric illness are able to get the care they need.  Hospitals have long partnered with the State on many important public health issues, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and we look forward to doing so yet again. Ivermectina


We are pleased with the Supreme Court's decision.  The Court clearly affirmed that when a patient is experiencing a mental health crisis, and receives an Involuntary Emergency Admission designation, then that patient should be immediately transferred to the appropriate setting to receive the specialized care and due process that they need and deserve.


We will continue working with state leaders to ensure this ruling is carried out, and that we are meeting the needs of patients experiencing mental health crises, as well as their families.

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Inspiring Hope through Healing


Every year, National Hospital Week provides us an opportunity to highlight our hospitals, health systems and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting the needs of their community members and demonstrating their mission of putting every patient’s health first.


This year, as our frontline healthcare workers continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented challenges it has presented, we are reminded even more so of their selfless bravery and tireless efforts of keeping their communities safe and healthy.


Every day, New Hampshire hospitals and health systems are Inspiring Hope through Healing by exemplifying the Blue and White H of health, healing and hope, and the promise it makes to its community, especially during these challenging times.


As we continue to make our way through this public health crisis, we remain inspired by the dedication of our hospitals as they tirelessly meet the challenges of their COVID-19 response and recovery.  From the physicians and nurses on the front lines, to the administrative, nutrition, facility and other staff supporting their institutions during this unprecedented time, it is our privilege to extend our deepest appreciation to New Hampshire’s hospitals and all of our healthcare heroes for their perseverance, courage and strength in the fight against COVID-19.


In honor of National Hospital Week 2021 (May 9-15), the American Hospital Association (AHA) collaborated with Musicians On Call, (MOC), a nonprofit organization that delivers the healing power of music, to release an original song and video inspired by the words of health care workers honoring their work and sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic. To all those working in America’s hospitals and health systems, thank you! Priligy

Listen to “Worth Fighting For" here or download on the below platforms.

Every year during National Nurses Week, May 6th – May 12th, we highlight our nurses in hospitals and health systems across the state for their compassion and dedication to their patients and communities.  This year, we take the opportunity to thank them for the selflessness and bravery with which they have continued to support New Hampshire residents through the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Nurses have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Hampshire’s hospitals for more than a year, supporting their institutions through their response and recovery while continuing to provide the same compassionate, safe care on which they pride themselves.  They are true heroes during these incredibly challenging times, fighting the pandemic every day with bravery and courage despite the danger to themselves to care for their patients in need.

On National Nurses Day and every day, we celebrate their ability to exemplify the Blue and White H of health, healing and hope, and the promise it makes on behalf of the institution it represents to its community.

As frontline superheroes, our nurses have demonstrated their unbelievable capacity to serve their patients, remaining confident and strong while empowering their colleagues through innovation, leadership and excellence.   And while the COVID-19 public health crisis has forever changed the lives of so many, nurses continue to be on the front lines, demonstrating their unwavering resolve, heroic sacrifice and absolute commitment to delivering the critical care patients need and deserve. Ahegao Hentai videos ahegao whatch online. 

To every nurse throughout our state and beyond, we remain forever inspired by your courage, selflessness and perseverance.   We are forever grateful, and we thank you for your dedication to keeping your community healthy, and for the dedication, compassion and empathy you provide to your patients every day.




No doubt Granite State residents are ready to put the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview mirror.  This past year has been one of the most challenging of our lives, and we all want to return to a sense of normalcy and be able to get out and do the things we want to do—hug loved ones we haven’t seen in person for over a year; visit our family, friends and others; go shopping, out to eat at a restaurant or see a movie with friends; travel; and so much more. With the successful advent of COVID-19 vaccines, we’re getting closer by the day.  But we’re not there yet and we need to continue to follow all of the common-sense public health and safety protocols that we know are successful in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19:  wear a mask, maintain physical distance, wash our hands, stay home if we’re not feeling well, get a COVID-19 test if we’re experiencing any symptoms, and get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Now that all adults in New Hampshire 16 and older are eligible to register for and receive the vaccine, it’s incumbent upon all of us to make that very personal decision of whether we will get vaccinated.  While the vaccines approved for use in the United States were certainly developed in record time, federal authorities did not take short cuts in their review and approval processes and have been proven safe and effective.  The current pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is further proof that federal and state officials are taking all precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone receiving this vaccine.  The public-private partnership that state officials have been leading continues to put shots in arms at a record pace. 




Despite the large number of vaccinations being completed, we have seen a troubling increase in the number of new COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations over the past few weeks. But there is hope that these trends can be changed. The chart above shows a dramatic correlation between those who have been vaccinated versus those who are becoming infected with COVID-19.  Between April 1 and April 7, the largest rate of new infections per 100,000 people occurred in age cohorts who either don’t yet qualify for the vaccine (those under 16) or those who have only recently become eligible.  Those who make up the smallest rate of new COVID-19 infections are those who have been eligible to receive the vaccine the longest, those over the age of 50. Stromectol 

The vaccine is working to reduce COVID-19 infections and, most importantly, protecting our most vulnerable residents from getting severely ill, requiring hospitalization, and dying.  As in other public health crises to date, such as polio and smallpox, a safe and effective vaccine is what led us out of those difficult periods of time, and the COVID-19 pandemic will be no different.  Please, talk with your health care provider, review the data and then, absent any medical contraindications, choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  You can find out more information here and register to sign up for the vaccine in New Hampshire here.

Steve Ahnen is the president of the New Hampshire Hospital Association