Former Claremont City Councilor and Legislator Says Medicaid Expansion Improved His Health

Concord, NH
– Michael Tetu, is a hard-working self-employed carpenter, who has never been able to afford health insurance. The former Claremont City Councilor and State Legislator, was in good health until his mid-fifties when several serious medical problems threatened his life and his finances. Overwhelmed at the cost of his care and the fear of losing his home, Tetu prepared to forego his medical care, but his doctors convinced him to continue his treatment.

Valley Regional Hospital and Catholic Medical Center staff helped him explore his healthcare options and find solutions to covering his treatment costs which led to his enrollment in the newly launched New Hampshire Health Protection Plan, also known as Medicaid expansion.

“I got the best care in the world, all the way around. The people, the doctors, nurses, everybody involved gave me the best care. There are many people who are one health issue away from ruin. Thanks to expanded Medicaid I’m able to move forward with much greater confidence and peace of mind,” said Tetu.

“We are seeing it every day; patients that would only come to the Emergency Room when their conditions reached severe levels, are now receiving treatment and preventative screenings because of the New Hampshire Health Protection Plan. This is exactly how the program is supposed to work,” said Peter J. Wright, FACHE, President and CEO of Valley Regional Healthcare.

“Almost 40,000 New Hampshire citizens have signed up for the New Hampshire Health Protection Plan since it was enacted in 2014, since then emergency room visits by uninsured patients throughout New Hampshire have dropped significantly,” said Steve Ahnen, President of the New Hampshire Hospital Association. “The opportunity to sign up for private health insurance coverage through the NHHPP has been life-changing for people,” continued Ahnen.

Michael Tetu’s full story is available HERE.

NHHA's press release is available HERE.