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New Hampshire Hospital

Phone Directory

New Hampshire Hospital
36 Clinton Street
Concord, NH 03301

(603) 271-5300
FAX: (603) 271-5395


Robert MacLeod, DHA, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Title Extension Name
Chief Executive Officer 271-5200 Robert MacLeod, DHA, FACHE
Administrative Assistant 271-5200 Darlene H. Deutsch
Chief Financial Officer 271-5708 Jamie Dall
Chief Medical Officer 271-5202 David Folks, MD
Director, Legal Services 271-5412 Lynne Mitchell
Administrator, Patient Care Services 271-5404 Roberta Vitale-Nolen, MBA, MA, APRN, BC
Director of Social Work 271-5386 Stacey Calabro
Staff Development 271-5414 Kathleen Cummings
General Manager, Food & Nutrition/Environmental Services 271-5850 Martin Srugis
Director, Support Services 271-5752 Philip Wright
Director, Maintenance and Engineering 271-5271 Donald Ficken
Human Resources 271-5388 Barbara McCann
Director, Pharmacy 271-5433 Iphigenia Daukopulos
Supervisor, Linen Services 271-5710 Jennica Barrera
Director, Quality Assurance 271-5400 Richard Wilgoose, FACHE
Administrator, Performance & Resource Management 271-5393 Richard Willgoose, FACHE
Director, Rehabilitation Services 271-5695 Deborah Robinson, CTRS/L
Director, Psychology Services 271-5385 Gregory Koehler, Ph.D.
Director, Spiritual Services 271-5697 Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe
Librarian 271-5422 Karen Goodman
Supervisor, Volunteer Services 271-5788 Heidi Mitchell
President, Medical Staff 271-5907 Joffree Barrnett, MD
Administrator, Health Information Dept. 271-5520 Winnona Vachon